What Our Clients Say About Us

After years of looking, I feel like I finally found the fitness answer. The benefits are evident after just 3 weeks; my core is stronger, my stomach flatter and my flexibility is increasing with each session. I find that IM=X pilates engages the body and the mind, which enhances my total body awareness. The small class size and individual attention really set IM=X pilates apart . As one workout session is ending I am already looking forward to my next IM=X pilates workout!

Leslie C.

After taking pilates for years in Los Angeles, I have never been more impressed than at IM=X Pilates! From the start, I was given such personal care and attention to my fitness goals. I am training for the Miss Oregon pageant and the instructors at IM=X have helped me transform my body and prepare me to be at my peak for competition. They are knowledgeable, keep the classes fun and exciting, and challenging at the same time. Rhonda the owner is absolutely wonderful and I was so impressed that she takes the time to get to know her clients personally. Wow! IM=X Pilates is the best in town in my book!

Rachel B. -Miss Oregon 2012

This is, by far, the best thing I've done for my body. I began the IM=X workout a little over one month ago. The studio is beautiful and the instructors are awesome. I've had a balance problem due to old injuries and age for some time. My balance is much improved. Although I've been very active in sports and cardio exercises, I did not concentrate on my core. I had limited flexibility in one arm and now have full range of motion. This is the best exercise in the world. I am not fearful of aging...this keeps me strong.

Penny J.

I am a mom of 2 active boys that I would like to keep up with for many more years, so I decided to join IM=X pilates studio. Why pilates? I tried many other workout classes and having arthritis in my knees, pilates has been a great workout. You are in control of how extensive you want your workout to be and the benefits have been great! I have more stamina, my body is more toned and I even lost some weight! The best part about the setting at the studio is that the instructors are really ensuring you have a great experience! They are caring, funny and very motivating, so for me joining pilates has been a 100% win!"

Marie J.

Before I started attending classes at IMX=Pilates, I thought hip replacement surgery was the next thing for me. After a very few weeks (and remembering the studio's mantra, motion is lotion), I started feeling stronger and hip pain was no longer keeping me awake at night. In the last eight months, I have lost weight, gained physical strength, and truly believe my pilates regimen has changed my life. I cannot sing the praises of Rhonda and her staff loud enough. She has assembled a group of caring, dedicated, and committed instructors who strive to give each student the encouragement and help they need.

Colleen A.

I have been doing pilates at IMX for 5 months and have noticed a tremendous difference in my strength. I love the workouts as they are challenging, yet fun. I come out of class feeling great. I already feel as though my body is more toned and my posture is much better. This class has been perfect for me, as am gaining the benefits of weight training without the injuries.

Stephanie O.

Wonderful studio with GREAT people. I recently had knee surgery to correct a long-standing injury. My recovery was significantly faster than my physician had anticipated, which he attributed to my physical fitness achieved by going to regular Pilates classes. I hadn't been to a gym in over 25 years and this has truly been a life changing experience

Ron H.

Thank you to IM=X Pilates Lake Oswego for providing a fabulous fitness studio! Pilates has helped me to strengthen and tone my entire body through challenging classes that I look forward to. I noticed results within the first month...and now, ten months later, I am still noticing positive changes. Thank you to Rhonda for always providing a class schedule with a variety of class options and times to meet members' needs!

Amy B.

I am 41 and started doing IMX-Pilates a year ago instead of Physical Therapy for a Chronic Back issue. It has changed my life and taken away daily pain that had me on medications and limited mobility. Yes, I have tried other studios, even in the Lake Oswego area, but nothing as good as the IMX studio. The owner keeps a hands on approach to everyones workout and feels like a private club. You will not be sorry or disappointed in this experience. Just try it 6 times and you will see a complete change!

Carrie H.

Rhonda Webber's IM=X Pilates studio is outstanding. Rhonda is a natural teacher--rigorous, personable, and clearly genuinely committed to each of her students achieving her or his goals. She also works hard to see to it that every one of the instructors works according to the principles of Pilates, and does this while allowing for students' and instructors 'individuality.
Rhonda is also sensitive to the needs of each particular student, and, even in classes of seven or eight, manages to give tips to each of her students. I began Pilates early last summer to try to alleviate lower back pain as much as master a fitness routine; since then Rhonda has been extremely sensitive to working with me to achieve an effective balance between the two goals.
I recommend her studio (it is, by the way, a clean, pleasant place, which, with help from each of us she is a stickler about keeping so) in the highest possible terms.

John C.

IM=X of Lake Oswego offers a fun and intense workout. The studio is beautiful with lots of natural light. There are lots of class offerings and times, so I can workout morning or night. Over a week, I can get a cardio, strength, yoga, and flexibility workouts that make me sweat and challenge my fitness goals. This is a great place to get fit!

Jenny S.

I have been regularly attending the IMX Pilates classes since February 2011. I have dropped inches off of my waist and body and have had my clothes altered twice! The professionalism, care and attention given to us clients by Rhonda and her staff is unmatched. I would HIGHLY recommend this studio for any age, any level of fitness and any gender. The results are quickly noticeable and one's physical and mental health are greatly improved!

Christy R.